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1st-Feb-2014 03:17 pm - Parachute Fanmix
TW.Stackson.hospital looks
Art masterlist for the second round of Teen Wolf Reverse Bang.

This mix was inspired by my own fic idea but dreamerjules didn't know what it was about when she wrote her own story so I was very curious to see what it'd inspire her.

Check out dreamerjules (jelaine3)'s awesome fic (also called "Parachute") which can be found in AO3 and LJ.

I had a lot of fun selecting these songs so I hope people will enjoy them as well.

Thanks to bdrixhaettc and jazzontherocks for their great advice.

I must also thank Ben Hazelwood and Bo Bruce for being such amazing and inspiring artists.

This fanmix is also on AO3 and my Tumblr.

Parachute Fanmix (Jackson/Stiles)Collapse )
Darren Hayes
I'm gonna link this on my Tumblr so that is why I'm making this entry public.

This is at least for amelialourdes

Reasons why I loved this concertCollapse )

I loved that they started the concert with my favorite of their songs, "Nothing Without You", followed by "Picture of You". The beginning was absolutely amazing.

Boyzone at Wembley - Saturday 21/12/2013 - More videosCollapse )

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2nd-Dec-2013 04:53 pm - "Echoes" Fanmix
"Echoes" is my fanmix for "We’re Linked, You and I (Consolation Prize)" by blumvale for the Teen Wolf Big Bang Community. It is a very original story so totally rec it. You can find it here: AO3 / LJ

With these songs I've tried to reflect the feelings of the characters through the story, so they are in that order for a reason. And with the graphics I've also tried to make reference to the story as much as possible. I hope that if you read it, you'll understand the choices I made.

Thanks to bdrixhaettc and jazzontherocks for their great advice.

Other links to this mix: AO3 / Tumblr

Echoes Fanmix: Graphics, Download Link & TracklistCollapse )

19th-Jul-2013 05:36 pm - Last day!
TW.Stackson.hospital looks


Today is the last day you can send your 5 prompts for this rare pairs fest.. I did it the second day (last Saturday) but sadly I doubt people will choose any of them.. you can already read them since a temporary list was posted.

If you haven't posted any or don't want to post any BUT you could post the Halemore ideas that my friend couldn't post because you can only post 5, I'd be very grateful.. there are not many Halemore (or Stackson prompts and the fandom needs them! I need them!). I'm one of the few people with Stackson prompts.. it's really depressing :( (I posted: 1 Halemore, 2 Stackson and 2 Halemore or Stackson, the writer can choose)

You can see her prompts here: So, it kind of sucks that the rare pair fest only allows 5 prompts per person...
15th-Jul-2013 06:04 pm - Teen Wolf: 3x06 (from my tumblr)
TW.Stackson.hospital looks
I never got to post my opinion about the last episode of Teen Wolf (3x06) so here it is. The fact that I love some actors and some characters doesn’t mean that I always have to enjoy the scripts (although I love seasons one and two) and this is the proof.

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22nd-Oct-2010 12:34 am - Friends Only

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14th-Jun-2004 03:35 pm - My japanese name
gakked from elisabet_moisio

My japanese name is 猿渡 Saruwatari (monkey on a crossing bridge) 千秋 Chiaki (very fine in autumn).

Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Ok, isn't it like a totally weird one?
19th-May-2004 04:09 pm - 2 walls
I made these two very simple walls for me. Simple collages and nothing special 'cause I don't have PS but I think I'll make more from other scenes in the future 'cause... ehem... they aren't so terrible and I don't have to be bothering anybody.


16th-Apr-2004 05:16 pm - "Going the Distance"
I want to thank Meredeth again for starting this series based on a plot bunny I posted some time ago. I had to wait a little but it was worthy and she got a lot of positive feedback. This is gonna be a lot of fun to read!

*From the site:

"Completely AU. Brian and Justin meet in a different way.

Summary: Justin and Brian are 17 and living on opposite ends of the country. Justin is blind, but Brian doesn't know it. Can technology bring them together, without tearing them apart?"

16th-Apr-2004 05:11 pm - "Boys at the Airport"
For elisabet_moisio (and everybody else):

Have you read "Boys at the Airport"? It's an interesting WIP fic by ljnewfan. Here is the first part:

12th-Apr-2004 06:25 pm - "Away From the Sun."
In case you don't know, Irina is writting a sequel to "Assignment" called "Away From the Sun."

I just love this series and the sequel.

8th-Apr-2004 06:47 pm - Shirley's "It's Your Call"
*Shirley has written "It's Your Call," which is a short fic from my p.b: what if Brian and Justin kissed in 303. It wasn't what I expected... and I like it. And I'm not sure but maybe she'll write another part.Collapse )
26th-Mar-2004 06:06 pm - New Gale pics.
I'm gonna post these links for me since these pics are old news already.

So beautiful. So elegant and sort of peaceful and all quiet lol. Makes me want to hugh him. I prefer him shaved but I'm sure heavenly_g who doesn't agree must be in heaven.


23rd-Mar-2004 07:40 pm - "A Crusade for the Heart"
If you've read any of my posts about fics you must know that I love AU fiction but I'm not sure if I've said that B/J historic fics are my favourites...

Anyway, I want to thank Julia who sent me the link to the page where you can also find her last series "A Crusade for the Heart." Like I told her, I think she did a great job with the p.b. proposed with Brian in the Robin Hood role. And, actually, I sent her a p.b. I never posted for another historic fic based on a movie... I don't think she'll write it but still I'm glad that she wanted to read it and tell me her opinion.

**Her summary:

"It is the 12th Century. Sir Brian, Earl of Huntingdon, returns from the Crusades to aid the young Lord Justin and protect him from the evil Sheriff. In return, can Justin heal the wounds Brian carries with him after his experiences in battle?"

17th-Mar-2004 07:58 pm - Gale's pics!
If you haven't, go look at some pics of Gale rehearshing for "Wake" that Tali has just posted:


This man looks hot anyway & anywhere...
12th-Mar-2004 08:11 pm - 11 - Marzo - 2004
Just in case anybody wants to know, there are many reasons why I haven't posted here latelyCollapse )
2nd-Mar-2004 08:29 pm - Comments.
Some comments from the spoilers group about the signings that I was reading saturday. Nothing new; just for me 'cause they made me smile.Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2004 07:42 pm - Learning.
Just my pov.Collapse )
21st-Feb-2004 02:52 pm - RPS: G/R: Back There (6/6)
Fic: QaF: RPS: G/R: Back There (6/6)

Part 6Collapse )
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